Digital Innovation & The Future of Work

“Implications For Community, Industry & Governance”


31st October – 2nd November 2022

About the 14th Annual Conference

ISACA Abuja’s Hybrid 14th Annual Conference 2022 brings together professionals in the area of audit, security, compliance, risk, privacy, governance, control and IT, from a wide range of sectors including finance, banking, technology services, government, media, health, telecommunications and more. This year’s conference seeks to prepare business leaders, governments, industry regulators, investors and the workforce to thrive, even as production, products, processes, markets and the workplace evolve with technology advancements in the years ahead.

As a nonprofit, global membership association for IT and information systems professionals, ISACA is committed to providing its diverse constituency of more than 140,000 professionals worldwide with the tools they need to achieve individual and organizational success. The benefits offered through our globally accepted research, certifications and community collaboration result in greater trust in, and value from, information systems. Through more than 200 chapters established in more than 80 countries, ISACA provides its members with education, resource sharing, advocacy, professional networking, and a host of other benefits on a local level.

Members rely on ISACA for resources that enhance their skills, expand their professional knowledge and connect them with a vibrant community of peers.

As such, the Nigeria, Abuja chapter is hosting this three-day event to promote education and networking between our members and non-members.