Maryam Danna Mohammed: Raising the Bar for Humanity

Maryam Danna Mohammed: Raising the Bar for Humanity

The General Manager, Audit and Compliance at the Niger Delta Power Holding Company Ltd, NDPHC, Maryam Danna Mohammed is basking in the euphoria of her recent multiple awards by the ISACA Abuja chapter for her years of unmatched dedication and meritorious service to humanity. Rebecca Ejifoma writes
When Dean Cain said “Not all heroes wear capes”, he was conceding the fact that although the world is full of titanic characters who have attained monumental feats, not all of their faces make the headline news or are splattered on the walls of national dailies.

One of such people is Maryam Danna Mohammed, the General Manager of Audit and Compliance, Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC). She has effortlessly distinguished herself through her outstanding career which earned her three awards.

At the ISACA Abuja Dinner Award ceremony in Abuja, FCT, Mohammed was decorated with an award of Meritorious Service to the Chapter by Emmanuel Omoke, President of ISACA Abuja.

“This was in recognition of her ceaseless contribution, exceptional professional skill and effective leadership that has proved to be instrumental in ensuring success in audit, assurance, risk management and information system audit. She deserved every plaque in her name,” Omoke expressed.

And while the NDPHC boss was relishing the applause from the audience, she received the Platinum Membership award for 15 years of continuous membership and investment in professional development. This cemented her standard of excellence as a role model for other chapters to emulate in all of their endeavours.

The General Manager was also presented with the Rotary International Award of Excellence for Leadership in Public Service, sterling performance in the service of humanity in their various communities. Consequently, Omoke described the awardee as a shooting star. “Her dedication and commitment are unbeatable. She started on the right note and has maintained that feat to date.”

The President believes that “Madam Dana’s” achievements are a quick reminder that life is what happens when the curtains are closed, and the cameras stop rolling. “This is to encourage other members to continue the good work. It may seem like no one is acknowledging your efforts, but I assure you it will pay off someday.”

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